Online Databases

Online Database is a technology that provides online access to privileged users whenever and wherever with reports. statistics, and related information.

These are LIVE databases examples for you to try and test. They can be customized and personalized to your requirements via subscription.

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Significance of Online Database


In the olden days when databases are only available in a local computer and  its accessibility is only available to the single user of the machine, then somebody needs data after office hours, you need to personally be at the physical location of the computer and query the database.

Today, when internet is everywhere. You can access the database whenever and wherever and how you wanted it to produce your customized report. Privilege access to specific data field is still present. There is an admin control over the data.

Continued use of hardcopies usually end up various problems i.e. damaged pages, lost documents, misplaced folders, and worst is a fire that turns a full room of copies of birth certificates, driver’s license, inspection reports, leave forms, etc into ashes.

Uploading files into the cloud, a digital backup into huge warehouse of databanks, gives you easy access, downloadable and printable in different formats, no deletion will occur and access is privileged to designated individuals. Owners of files can open and close privilege rights to specific sets of information.

The following are example live links which you can experiment, test and try. Should you find any of them very near to your requirements, the databases can be customized accordingly.

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